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Words Words Words…Response to all of your amazing finds and posts!

While scrolling through all of these amazing sites, posts, and spaces, I started to jot down words and phrases that stuck out to me. I thought I’d try putting them in one spot so that we can start to play around with them like putting together a puzzle. Hopefully this is helpful.

We are creating/hosting/facilitating/researching/offering a:



We are creating a space where:

Particles or Participatory Articles (got that gem from my sister):

Collide, Collude, Connect, Morph, Merge, Change, Grow to:

Map, Reveal, Uncover, Innovate, Cultivate, Generate, Catalyze, Invent, Create

Unpredictable, Unexpected, Unforeseen, Surprising, Evocative, Provocative, Unconventional,

Unexplored, unnoticed, Outcomes / Ideas / Products

We want our space/lab/forum to be:

flexible, simple, meaningful, surprising, fluid, responsive, engaging, dynamic, synergistic, mutual

We want our visitors, contributors, co-thinkers, colleagues, friends, to feel:

welcomed, comfortable, challenged and inspired.

We want them to come back, linger, meet, converse, explore, connect, question, share, reveal while in this space.

Outside of this space, we want them to reflect, observe, linger, create, do, converse, connect, question, explore, research, notice.

Our role as facilitators is to:

pry, push, encourage, inspire, unite, question, summarize, collect, formulate, research, reflect, gather, move the edge, incorporate the fringe, create meaning and purpose…

This SPACE / ZONE / LAB is meant to:

merge, refresh, renew, reveal, innovate, inspire

We want to encourage a sense of:

wonder, openness, exploration, freedom, insight, fun, newness, possibility

We are in search of:

emerging patterns, phenomenons, what’s underneath, what’s hidden, what hasn’t been made explicit or known yet, systems, ideas, thoughts, ways of thinking and doing, happenings, creations, collisions, connections, something new, something hidden, something unknown, surprises, reflections,

We are supporting:

overlap, connections, hybridity, creativity, innovation, invention, experimentation, investigation, reflection, observation, the future,

We hope this evolves into:

exhibitions, articles, book(s), artwork, something that contributes to the fields of: education, entrepreneurship, creative entrepreneurship, arts, arts education, to the individual thinker, creator, doer

We got to this point of creating a space by:

listening, observing, experiencing, reflecting, conversing, connecting, researching, brainstorming, wondering, investigating, reading, meeting, talking…

We are:

educators, artists, researchers, collaborators, students, entrepreneurs(?) ¬†navigating/working in the fields of arts, education, entrepreneurship…


One comment on “Words Words Words…Response to all of your amazing finds and posts!

  1. SarabethBerk
    March 4, 2013

    Woah- this is really good. Lots of reflective thoughts happening. I like it. It’s like I’m the collector of thoughts and you’re the sifter (at least this time)- very similar to our academic training and styles. You have a knack for thinking about thinking. I like seeing how our work patterns are evolving.

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