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The Creative Exchange – Personalization in the Digital Public Space

Reflecting on personalization in the Digital Public Space inevitably leads to analyze the personalization process in the physical space.

Different attempts and degrees of personalization can be easily found in the physical space; being some of them broadly extended and common –walking listening to music or choosing a longer but nicer route from A to B– associated with specific urban cultures –skateboarding or parkour–, and even of dubious legality –graffiti–; all activities which aim to personalize the experience in the physic space.

Although we inhabit the Digital Public Space as well, less evidences of active personalization can be found. To some extent, the inclusion of a broad range of locative technology as mundane has facilitated the personalization of the public space by means of commercial

app, which could be understand as passive personalization.

As it happens in the physical sphere, in a digital context, true personalization would happen by means of subversion and appropriation, trying to broad the boundaries of the established uses of the Digital Public Space. Creative practices has explored alternatives which evidenced the limited impact of user’s choices in the configuration of the Digital Public Space, and posed practices to increase the opportunities of personalization in inclusive and pervasive environments. Thus, personalization in the Digital Public Space would aim to expand the uses of mundane technology and foster the user’s empowerment in response to individual or alternative needs.

via The Creative Exchange – Personalization in the Digital Public Space.


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