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Hybrid Space Approaches to Global Collaboration

While in Hong Kong for a new Tactable multi-touch interactive media project, I was reminded again of how important and integral technology has become to collaborative processes. Skype and a shared project document site combined with the twelve hour time difference between Hong Kong and US Eastern time, made the project team effective across a full 24 hour day. Working across the date line also extended the working week to 6 days. This glocal (global/local) virtually enabled productivity is very effective (not to mention cost effective and readily deployable) However, even with good communications, cultural differences and the nuances of personal interactions underscore the importance of face-to-face interaction as fundamental to decision making.

As state of the art video conferencing evolves, collaborative team rooms with imbedded and interactive media capabilities will be increasingly necessary to bring together remote interaction with virtual face-to-face capability. The design of these hybrid spaces and the technologies that support them require specialized and multi-disciplinary teams. The physical environment, the staffing support, and the technology resources needed to successfully manage these spaces are all equally important.

via Lean/Workplace Design Blog from Anderson Porter Design » Hybrid Space Approaches to Global Collaboration.


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