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A Hybrid That Encourages Productivity and Creativity!

26JunA Hybrid The Encourages Productivity & Creativity!

This week we had a super awesome meeting with a potential new office client, what made it so awesome I hear you ask? Well that would have to be because this client understands the relationship between office design, functionality and employee output. Needless to say our brief is to create a space that will inspire the employees and help with employee productivity, you can’t get a much better brief than that, but the most important part of our brief is to create space and that is the most important element of interior architecture and design, the creation of space.

As such today’s feature project is obviously going to be an office project that combines creativity with inspiring design and the clever creation of space. The Hybrid Office which is a concept designed by Architect Edward Ogosta is based in Los Angeles and is a warehouse project that is all about the creation of space and furniture using the principals of architecture. Although the space is very open and there is plenty of room to breathe there are plenty of instances where space has been cleverly used such as the library steps that act as shelves and seats. The breakout areas and the floating desks are rather cool but what I like about them is the versatility, they can be used as desks, workstations/conference stations or simple breakout areas.

Although this is a very white space and quite subdued compared to some of the worlds more whacky and colorful office designs I am still a fan of the concept as from a design point of view it is incredibly creative with great shape and architectural form that catches your eye from every angle and for me the kicker is the versatility of the 500 sq/m space, there is a unique element in every nook and cranny as you go through all of the images below. A really cool design that is right up our street in terms of warehouse office design.

via A Hybrid The Encourages Productivity & Creativity! | Studio EM Interior Design Dubai, Dubai Interior Design company.


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