the fourth space

those spaces in between life, thinking, the physical world, and humanity

Why is this project important?

Why is this an area to explore or to play in?

What do we hope to achieve?

What is our ultimate goal? To see the pathways between connections and shared spaces, how people are building them, thinking about them and using them! I want to learn what’s out there and how people are thinking and doing in unique interdisciplinary ways.  The more original and meaningful the better. Your contribution to this blog helps build a network of what’s happening and how you go about it.  Your “particle” contributions will become part of a large system of how other people are using space.

What kind of space are we trying to create? (the common, shared lived experience of a group= everyone in the world). Community. Conversational, interactive, able to respond, academic more research-based than art-based. Spectrum of daily life. Outsider versus insider, thinking from Thinking to thinking.  Trying to cross the lines of academia and daily life, scholarship and emergent.  Different identity of contributors. The substance of the book is the formal scholarship with the informal practices of daily life.  Combining the scholarship of the two worlds through research-based system of analysis and documentation.  Creating a synergy, collecting and responding and changing.

What are we doing: An ethnography and phenomenology qualitative research project.  How people experience space.

Some people do acknowledge it, others do not.  It is discussed in teaching and learning, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary.  We can connect this to some theory of T&L,

Where new ideas and new ways of thinking spring.  Creativity happens when borders are crossed, it connected to things in past.  Happens when you cross the boundaries, collide, connect, freedom.  In those space in between there are no containers, you’re free.

Why is this blog project important: Creating, participating, (documenting), discussing, observing, and reflecting  are ways  we  express/experience those interplays between self (genetics, talents) culture (knowledge)  and the social aspect, known as the field, which lead us to innovate and … form new spaces in our lives. This is an extension of well known theories: systems theory of creativity, third space, transdiciplinary studies, and our personal. ( add more personal, conversational to this).

The field=….Particles in Mass, Critical Mass….


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