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Three States of Matter

Three States of Matter |

  1. Particles have space between them.
  2. Particles of matter are continuously in motion.
  3. Particles of matter attract each other because of intermolecular force of attraction.

Three States of Matter




Everything in this universe is made up of material which scientists have named “matter”. Matter is anything that has mass and occupies volume. All the things we come across in our daily life are matter.

Constituents of Matter

  • Matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms, and solids, liquids and gasses in this Universe have atoms which are the building blocks of almost everything that is contained in this Universe.
  • Billions and billions of atomic particles are clubbed together to form the matter that we see around us.
  • These atoms combine together to form molecules. For example, in water we have two atoms of Hydrogen combining with one atom of Oxygen to form one molecule of water.
  • Atoms have sub-atomic particles like protons, electrons and neutrons with protons and neutrons embedded inside the core of the nucleus and electrons orbit around the nucleus.

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