the fourth space

those spaces in between life, thinking, the physical world, and humanity

Steps to Finish

  1. Title
  2. Create and design new blog
  3. Why is this important? Answer that question.
  4. Core tagline mission.
  5. Dual Bio page – put on About Page
  6. Theory Page – make a page not post
  7. Start a particle page and give examples of assignments
  8. Black and White Icons–do as we come up with particle
  9. Clarify ultimate goal–reason we want people to participate is to develop networks and see pathways between connections and how people are building them, thinking about them, and using them. Learn how people are thinking and doing in unique interdisciplinary ways.
  10. Come up with meaningful particles. Start with at least one for each particle category.
  11. Q & A section. Look at Learn to Love You More pages and Creative Capital website
  12. Define what this project is, the purpose–building a community, a research project, art project, public project,
  13. Look up particles–what do they do, look at scientific terminology. Particles create mass.
  14. We’re analyzing or being critical of mass or space. Particles of mass.
  15. Look into funding

Each month, do one of each particle

Keep particles rolling, open-ended


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