the fourth space

those spaces in between life, thinking, the physical world, and humanity

Guiding Principles of…


Trying to motivate, activate people to respond and want to explore our question in multi-media.

Assignments–some could be photographic representation, others written, something

Documentation and analysis

Observe, Collect, Analyze, Question, Investigate

Explorer-mission to document and explore

Marinating, sucking on, chewing on

Action versus Thinking

Tasks versus Thinking

Propellers versus Bean Bags

Hula Hoops

Roller Skate

Hacky sac



Tic Tac Toe


Reflect, Play, Think, Do

Action, Creation, Reflect

  • Act
  • Create
  • Reflect
  • Discuss
  • Surprise (Jack in the box)

Have a black and white icon image connected to each type of verb

A Pattern Language by (a bunch of authors) 1977 “Making identities between things we have not understood before” (p. xli A Pattern Language).

Compressing spaces, compressing patterns, the smallest possible space.

Cite with each question/prompt where our inspiration came from.

  • Propeller Particles (Action)
  • Pondering Particles (Reflection)
  • Pause Particles (Observation)
  • Prickly Particles (hard to figure out) or use instead of Pondering Particles (Reflect)
  • Poetic Particles (Creation)
  • Pairing Particles (Discussion)
  • Pressing Particles (Media, Culture, News)
  • Pop Particles (Surprise)

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