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What Is Emergent Thinking? | Psychology Today

This profound shift impacted not only how I see but also how I think and live. I integrated these discoveries into my work as a psychotherapist and was buoyed by the rapid shifts and, in many cases, transformations that many of my clients were experiencing. Rather than change being elusive, it became an accessible vehicle for reaching their desired goals. I sought to further this process and came to call it Emergent Thinking®.

The foundation of this approach is based upon learning to utilize and integrate many of the remarkable discoveries of the emerging sciences – quantum physics and complexity theory, for example. I do so by bringing the academic loftiness of these sciences into a useful, practical everyday approach to liberate us from the stranglehold that our obstacles place upon us.

The Emergent Thinking® process enables us to master our thinking as opposed to being enslaved by old thought. The process unravels the myths of false beliefs that entrap us and illuminates the path toward infinite potential. As humans, our lives can flourish when we move into states of becoming, no longer fixed in a particular state of being. The emerging sciences depict an unfolding, inseparable and fully participatory worldview, which provide us with not only meaning and purpose but also relatedness to one another and the universe at large. When we embrace this unfolding process of potential, our lives shift and our transformative journey begins.

via What Is Emergent Thinking? | Psychology Today.


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