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Proposal for our Blog:

I was thinking about how to make this project more interactive and gather more ideas/contributions from a community of people.  Then, over the next few months, we can reflect on these submissions, and see if we can create something out of it.

Great examples of projects that have worked like this are “Learning to Love You More”, which was a blog, turned book and then was a full art exhibition (and might be permanent) at the San Francisco Museum of Art (or some SF museum).  Also, the “They Draw  & Cook” book came out of the same idea of asking for contributions on a blog.

I think we should post a question weekly or every other week, send the link to our blog post to an email list (and social media list) of our acquaintances and let them post and share it with others.  Ideas for questions could all circulate around odd/inventive/unique/unknown connections (we should have an overarching theme to the questions, and maybe make a “question template” so they all feel similar.  For instance:

How is a photographer a reporter or a reporter a photographer?  How is a statistician a storyteller or a storyteller a statistician?  etc.  Each week, post a new one and see what we get.

We can change the questions or the direction based on the types of responses and interactinos we receive, and we can make this like a fun homework assignment. In Learning To Love You More, they asked people to share and post photos of what’s under their bed or of two people kissing, and they asked for stories about people’s scars. Things that were accessible and easy to contribute but asked for some kind of product.  These assignments became the book. It was a social collective of people’s common experiences and opinions.

What do you think?


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