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those spaces in between life, thinking, the physical world, and humanity

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I’m investigating “interstitial spaces” (those spaces where ideas, influences, and actions overlap from varying disciplines, skill sets, professions, and so forth). I am asking for your stories.

My question to you is: How do you (as a teacher, artist, or civilian) play and actively use interstitial spaces in your work and life?
Are you even aware of these spaces?
Can you give some examples/stories of the powerful ways you tap into these interconnections for work and life?
Some examples are how a chef is also a chemist, a photographer is a reporter, a statistician is a storyteller…..

Joel Kahn: Check out the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies: The group specializes in this kind of thing. As for me…. I’m a computer programmer who is an artist:

Jana Vizdal • Having been an artist all my life I have always used the interdisciplinary approach through my own learning, later teaching and art application.
Always combining visual arts with poetry, music and chemistry as well as business.
I feel, the art of being an artist is to combine all aspects of live……knowledge, innovation and personal artistic growth. As well as contributing to artistic growth of people around us.
Interdisciplinary as I understand it and practice it, means interacting and inter combining all available material, whether it is in form of knowledge, expression or media.

Daryl Zoellner • check out chemistry/painting with chlorophyll extracted from spinach


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