the fourth space

those spaces in between life, thinking, the physical world, and humanity

Framing questions for contributors:

(Domain= an area of specialty, skill, profession, thought, influence, or action)

  1. What spaces do you dip into that are outside of your (area/vocation) but actually improve or inspire it?
  2. In what ways have you observed varying domains crossing over or intersecting?
  3. How do these intersections occur in your life? How do you experience them? Where else have you noticed interstitial spaces?
  4. What do you do with intersecting spaces?  Do you tap into it or are you oblivious to it?j
  5. What skills do you possess that crossover into other domains?  How do you combine unrelated skill areas to your benefit?
  6. How do you acquire ideas, influences, or actions from domains outside of your own?
  7. How do you play in or use third space to your advantage?
  8. Tell your story of how you play in and benefit from third space.
  9. When you discover the benefit or existence of an interstitial space, what do you do with it? Do you share it? If so, how?  Do you explore it?
  10. How do you adapt ideas and actions from other domains into your own? Why do you do this and how often do you think it happens?

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