the fourth space

those spaces in between life, thinking, the physical world, and humanity

Notion of Cultural Hybridity “Deconstructing Boundaries through the Hybrid”

ARTICLE: Yazdiha, Haj. (2010). Conceptualizing Hybridity: Deconstructing boundaries through the hybrid. Formations 1(1). 673-3767-1-PB (click for full pdf)

  • “The contemporary cultural landscape is an amalgam of cross- cultural influences, blended, patch-worked, and layered upon one another. Unbound and fluid, culture is hybrid and interstitial, moving between spaces of meaning. The notion of cultural hybridity has existed far before it was popularized in postcolonial theory as culture arising out of interactions between “colonizers” and “the colonized”.”
  • “His text The Location of Culture (1994) suggested that there is a “Third Space of Enunciation” in which cultural systems are constructed.  In this claim, he aimed to create a new language and mode of describing the identity of Selves and Others. Bhabha says::

It becomes crucial to distinguish between the semblance and similitude of the symbols across diverse cultural experiences — literature, art, music, ritual, life, death — and the social specificity of each of these productions of meaning as they circulate as signs within specific contextual locations and social systems of value. The transnational dimension of cultural transformation — migration, diaspora, displacement, relocation — makes the process of cultural translation a complex form of signification. The natural(ized), unifying discourse of nation, peoples, or authentic folk tradition, those embedded myths of cultures particularity, cannot be readily referenced. The great, though unsettling, advantage of this position is that it makes you increasingly aware of the construction of culture and the invention of tradition (1994: 247).

  • Article continues to discuss hybridity in terms of race, language, national culture”
  • “In a stream of fragments, Said shows the diverse processes by which dominant cultures are formed at the service of Others. Using words like “shape,” “definition,” and “transmute,” he describes the act of defining nation and the artificial nature of these boundaries.”
  • “Hybridity can be seen not as a means of division or sorting out the various histories and diverse narratives to individualize identities, but rather a means of reimagining an interconnected collective.”

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