the fourth space

those spaces in between life, thinking, the physical world, and humanity

Un-space understood: My epiphany tonight

On the drive home after a long and boring qualitative research class, I had one of those dreamy car rides where everything was a brainstorm.  I began thinking that perhaps I’m looking at this book too academically; I’m stuck in some canon of classic academia, and it doesn’t have to be that at all.  Maybe, the book itself is an exploration of space.  The writings of leading scholars are documented in new ways, itself a testament to the blending and mixture of these in-between spaces.  Using graphic design, original handwriting, notes, and other artifacts could really layer and visualize the concept. Kind of an artist journal/sketchbook meets academic article?  I am adding photos from one of my favorite books, “Artists’ Journals & Sketchbooks” because they are the kinds of images floating in my mind.

It would be great if each contributor could submit a visual piece, a doodle, sketch, image, photograph, note, or something to visually accompany and complement their written piece. I think it is critical that each contributor works from the same prompt and parameters to build a framework of connections. What will that prompt be?  “How do you experience space…?” Doesn’t quite sound right.

I am also  becoming more inclined to think of this as one of those mail art/ book projects where (especially since we want to include so many people from a diversity of backgrounds and levels) and do not know what we will receive, we should just type up a form letter and mail it or give it to people as an invitation to write, reflect, and submit something to us by a deadline. This way, we are guaranteed to accumulate “data” and written work, and then we can see what we have.  Afterwards, we can use this as leverage to entice the “big” scholars to also participate and put their stamp on it.  Then, we would have actual manuscript pieces to show along with our prospectus letter to an agent or editor.  I also like that this is an act of reflection and contribution to our participants, it could even become a traveling exhibition or something.

This book project is truly an organic research project (another crossover). I think the more acts of documentation and accumulation of evidence the better.  We don’t quite know what we are doing, and we don’t quite know what we will discover, and certainly don’t know what the end product will be or even the title, but we are on to something.  Kind of like the “Learning to Love you more” website, turned book project, turned exhibition. Aha!  I kind of want to find an italian phrase (like Attraversiamo, or Dulce Far Niete) that puts into words what we can’t say in the English language.  I’m on a hunt for words and title ideas.  Tonight I am haunted by the quest to understand this  “un-space”: undeveloped, undisclosed, unknown, unacknowledged, undiscovered, untold, unmentioned, unbelievable, undone, unreal, unspoken, unrecognizable, unsure- SPACES.


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