the fourth space

those spaces in between life, thinking, the physical world, and humanity

What is Third Space?

“Following the lead of several scholars (Bhabha, 1994; Gutiérrez, Baquedano-López, Tejeda, et al., 1999; Soja, 1996), we call this integration of knowl- edges and Discourses drawn from different spaces the construction of “third space” that merges the “first space” of people’s home, community, and peer networks with the “second space” of the Discourses they encounter in more formalized institutions such as work, school, or church. Although we have chosen to align the concept of first space with that of the everyday world that is close to or common to people, the naming of what counts as first or second space is arbitrary; one could easily reverse these labels to sug- gest that first space is often that space which is privi- leged or dominant in social interaction, whereas second space is that which is marginalized. What is critical to our position is the sense that these spaces can be reconstructed to form a third, different or al- ternative, space of knowledges and Discourses.” Moje, et al., 2004


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